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I live in South Central Kansas. In my town they have a clinic for low income people to get dental care, but they're not taking new patients. If you are in pain, you can go in as a walk-in, but they only give you a 15 min window to get signed in.  I've been there, way ahead of time, 9 times in the past 3 weeks and still haven't seen a dentist.  The people for walk-in have to wait until people with appointments get checked in, and by them the 15 min window has closed and they turn you away.  I have heart diease and diabetis, which my bad teeth aren't helping. I use numbing OTC pain medication everyday several times a day and have for several months. I'm 61 and get SSDI and SSI and have Medicare and Medicaid, but neither pays for dental care for people my age and with only $694.00 a month income, by the time I pay my rent and heating bill, and my co-pay on my medications (which I take a lot of) and my co-pay on my Dr. visits and get my non-food items I need, I just don't have enough to go to a regular dentist.  My income isn't enough for me to afford payments, and Kansas has NO Schools for Dentist. The closest one is in Mo and that's over 250 miles from where I live. I have NO credit cards, cause I couldn't make the payments if they approved me, which they won't cause my income is too low. I took good care of my teeth all my life. I ate healthy, brushed and flossed and saw a dentist twice a yr while I was working.  I became disabled in 1997 and my income dropped dramatically, and as time passed the more medications I was put on, my teeth started going bad.  I have one missing tooth, loose teeth, painful teeth, rotten teeth.  I've never used illegal drugs, just medications prescribed to keep me alive. Medicaid and Medicare paid to remove cataracts from my eyes, and for glasses, but I don't understand why they won't pay for my teeth to be pulled when the infections are causing more damage to my heart, than any other health proble could.  If anyone knows of any help for people like me in my area, please let me know, as I've tried the links and find help in a bunch of states, but not in Kansas.  I'd moved to get help, but I can't afford that either.  If I could afford to move, I could afford a dentist.

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Need help with home

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I go to craigslist for several towns within 200 miles of my home several times a day.  Most want a whole lot more than I can afford.  If they're in my price range, they are either way too small or as bad or worse than the one I now have, but I keep looking.  But I thank you for suggesting it.

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Need help with home

I have posted before, but I'll try again, as I've gotten no response.  I have gone to a lot of sites like this and begining to think only those that need help go to them, and no one that's able to help bothers with us.  But I'll try one last time. I was reading a lot of post on different pages and someone suggested instead of asking for money, ask for the items you need.  So that's what I'll do. 

I currently live in a 1978 20' long by 7 1/2' wide camper trailer.  Very small. It has a kitchen, bedroom with a single bed, and a bathroom.  I keep patching the roof, but it keeps springing new leaks. The bathroom ceiling needs replaced, and now it's leaking again above the bed and the dining booth.

I live in Kansas and it gets cold here.  The wind blows almost every day. My furnance pilot blows out and I have to turn furnance off until it gets too cold then relight it and then when it heats up and burner goes out the wind blows the pilot out and I start all over. 

I am a 60 yr old female on SSDI and SSI.  I can meet my monthly rent and with Medicare Parts A B and D and Medicaid, I can get all my medical and medications.  I get $114.00 a month foodstamps, and I manage to eat on that all month.  I eat alot of the $1.00 TV Dinners and frozen Entrees.  But what I'm not able to do is save enough to buy a better shaped, bigger camper. Only allowed to have $2000.00 savings and I save enough to pay my tags and insurance and personal property taxes every year, but that's all.  To buy one around here would cost me between $7,000.00 and $10,000.00

Nights I'm having to sleep in my Ex-husbands camper in his recliner chair.  On top of my other health problems I have recently developed severe Vertigo and unable to sleep lying down.  I tried propping myself up with pillows, but in the night I slide down and am awakened with the room spinning and really nauseated.  I have bben taking treatments to clear this up for 2 months but still unable to sleep lying down.  There's no place to put a  recliner in my camper -- no livingroom, and no place to put a adjustable bed, as my bed in narrower than a twin and built in over the fender, with water lines running under it. 

So what do I need?  I need a different camper.  Not a new on, just a good, newer, used one. It needs to have a kitchen with a good working propane cook stove, refrigerator/freezer (propane/electric, either 2 or 3 way) , and table with at least 2 chairs (gives more room than the booth dinette like I have currently). It needs to have a good working water heater (best if elec/propane), AC and furnance that the pilot won't go out on it or has elec. start instead of a pilot. It also needs to have a livingroom (preferably on one end of it as it makes more room) that has a divan and room for a recliner chair.  It needs to have a bathroom with a shower, stool and sink, and it needs to have a bedroom at the other end (with the bed running the length of the trailer not cross wise and that you can walk around both sides and the end of it) so that I could take it out eventually and get a free adjustable be (like a hospital bed from freecycle) so I could eventually sleep in a bed instead of a recliner. It can't have the bed in a slide out, as I'd not be able to put an adjustable bed in it. It needs to have a rubber type roof.  The one I now have is Alunimum and the hail has dented it so bad it's where all my leaks come from.

It needs to be a minimum of 30' long, but 35' or longer would be much better.  It'd be nice if it had a minimum of one slide-out in the livingroom and dining area but if it's made right and long enough it wouldn't need one. It can be a bumper pull type or a 5th wheel camper.

The reasons I live in a camper are: I only have lot rent to pay and it includes electric, water, trash, sewer, plus I pay for my propane.  In Jan I'm able to apply for LIEP to help me pay for my propane. I get $657.00 a month from SSDI and SSI and to rent an apartment or house or even a mobile home around here would cost me a lot more per month plus the utilities.

I have friends that will help me skirt it to keep the wind from blowing under it, but thery can't afford to buy me a better camper. I can use the skirting they built for my current camper and just add to it. I can borrow a pick-up truck to come pick it up if it's in Kansas or no further than 100 miles inside the state lines of  Mo., Ok., Ne, or Co. and my ex-husband will pay for the gas for me and a friend to go get it, and lone me his truck. He's a Semi truck driver and not home much anywhere, and I can't keep sleeping in his camper forever in his recliner.  I'm not someone wanting this so I can travel around.  I can't afford to do that and I can't afford to leave where my Drs. are or lose my Medicaid etc.  Not crazy about traveling any more anyway.  I did enough of that when I was working as I was an OTR truck driver for over 20 yrs.

There are more and more singles or couples who have gone to living in campers as it's cheaper than living in apartments or houses, less space to pay for heating, and keeps up from becoming homeless. So if anyone out there has a camper, that fits the above specs, and you're willing to donate it to me, I would be very grateful. Please email me at  Thank you

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About meka70427

I understand the hardships of trying to make ends meet raising kids. The is a way to be able to afford diapers.  Cloth ones work.  When my children were babies, they were just coming out with disposible diapers, and they were a luxury.  I only used them if we were traveling.  When my girls had their babies, they used cloth diapers too.  With cloth diapers you have to check them more often and change them more often.  I didn't have a washer and dryer. I rinsed the wet ones ont to cut down on the amonia smell and soaked them in a mild detergent and water in a diaper pail (trash can works good). The soiled ones you rinse in the commode immediately then soak them also until time to do laundry.  Many times I had to wash them in the bathtub.  If you do, then you must rinse them many times to make sure you get all the soap out of them. This won't solve all your problems, but will help.  Diapers can be made of any cotton material if you can't afford to buy them.  Dish towels and hand towels work too.  Good luck

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About goinincircles

I'm a 60 Yr. old lady with mutiple health problems living on SSI and SSDI.  My $657.00 a month pays my lot rent (electric, water, sewer and trash included in lot rent), propane for my cook stove, non-food items (paper towels, toilet paper, cleaning supplie etc.) and gas for my 1985 Chevy Blazer.  I hold back every month so when my Insurance, tags, dogs shots and tags are due, I have the money for that. It leaves nothing for anything else. My foodstamps pay for my food.

My home is a 1975 20' X 8' Camper parked permanantly in a camp ground at the edge of the town I live in.  It's cheaper than renting a house or an apartment, and I can keep my two little dogs this way too.  It has a kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom.  I'd love to have a longer bigger camper but I can't afford one. That would cost a minimum of $4,000.00 for a nice decent used one around here. I only paid $200.00 for the one I have. I've had to patch the roof several places.  It's thin metal and has had holes knocked in it from hail. Because of that, I've had to replace ceiling and insulation above my kitchen table, and need to do the same with my bathroom ceiling.  Rain ran in holes, soaked insulation and rotting thin ceiling paneling.

So, since I can't afford a better camper, what I need help with is to get materials to make a skirting around the bottom of my camper to block the cold winter winds from blowing underneath the camper and freezing my water lines. My forced air furnance doesn't work so I have to heat with 2 small electric space heaters. Materials needed for the skirting are 2x2 inch boards for frame work and vinyl house siding to cover frames and 1x4 inch boards to hold the sections of skirting together and in place. I don't no where to get the help.  There's a place here that helps with winterizing homes -- but they don't consider my camper a home.  Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

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