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goinincircles started this conversation

I'm a 60 Yr. old lady with mutiple health problems living on SSI and SSDI.  My $657.00 a month pays my lot rent (electric, water, sewer and trash included in lot rent), propane for my cook stove, non-food items (paper towels, toilet paper, cleaning supplie etc.) and gas for my 1985 Chevy Blazer.  I hold back every month so when my Insurance, tags, dogs shots and tags are due, I have the money for that. It leaves nothing for anything else. My foodstamps pay for my food.

My home is a 1975 20' X 8' Camper parked permanantly in a camp ground at the edge of the town I live in.  It's cheaper than renting a house or an apartment, and I can keep my two little dogs this way too.  It has a kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom.  I'd love to have a longer bigger camper but I can't afford one. That would cost a minimum of $4,000.00 for a nice decent used one around here. I only paid $200.00 for the one I have. I've had to patch the roof several places.  It's thin metal and has had holes knocked in it from hail. Because of that, I've had to replace ceiling and insulation above my kitchen table, and need to do the same with my bathroom ceiling.  Rain ran in holes, soaked insulation and rotting thin ceiling paneling.

So, since I can't afford a better camper, what I need help with is to get materials to make a skirting around the bottom of my camper to block the cold winter winds from blowing underneath the camper and freezing my water lines. My forced air furnance doesn't work so I have to heat with 2 small electric space heaters. Materials needed for the skirting are 2x2 inch boards for frame work and vinyl house siding to cover frames and 1x4 inch boards to hold the sections of skirting together and in place. I don't no where to get the help.  There's a place here that helps with winterizing homes -- but they don't consider my camper a home.  Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

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